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COLLABORATION  Together we are stronger; we work with confidence to realize our vision. We encourage transparent communication, effective engagement and positive interaction between clubs leading us to achieve our goals.
DEDICATION  Dedication dedicated to a higher and unique goal, we are passionate about what we do. Full and assiduous involvement with the goal of flourishing as a volunteer, gymnast, coach and judge.
EXCELLENCE  We want gymnastics to be at its best by developing the sense of accomplishment and positive self-image.
INNOVATION We adapt and strive to continually improve at all levels. We are willing to be visionary models, take risks and adapt to find better ways to excel in this sport.
INTEGRITY Integrity in all relationships, we are authentic, ethical and righteous. We operate with responsibility and transparency. We create a safe environment that embraces diversity, promotes respect, and focuses on the well-being of participants.

I will ensure that GRNBRG or Clubs funds are managed in the best interest of GRNBRG or Clubs. I will manage situations arising from conflict in the greatest of discretion and in an opportune fashion. I will not criticize the decisions of members of the administration committee outside of the
meetings. I will respect all rules and regulations as set by GRNBRG. I will uphold the image of the club in highest regards at all times.
I will remain in charge of my behavior at all times and I am responsible for my actions and my words at all times. I will not exhibit any behaviors considered intimidating and I will not use verbal nor physical violence towards others in my environment. I will respect the coaches, the gymnasts, the judges, the parents, the volunteers and will expect the same from others. I will respect the directions and decisions of the committee. I will align my thinking and share the values of the club as well as those of GRNBRG. Ensure that the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics represents an opportunity for development, physical and moral enrichment, in a sense an environment fostering life lessons. I will remain a positive model for the children, coaches, parents etc. I will accept responsibility with efficiency, loyalty, honesty and above all with a spirit of collaboration I will ensure that the code of ethics is being respected at all levels of the organization. I will participate actively in organizational activities. I will recognize the value of all volunteer contributions. I will demonstrate innovation with a management approach favoring athlete development, personnel and of the organization.

Participating in gymnastics is the essence of respecting the code of ethics.
1. I respect all judging decisions, coach decisions without questioning their competencies and integrity.
2. I support my team members.
3. I am respectful and polite towards the coaches, the administrators, the parents, the judges, the fans and other gymnasts by choosing appropriate language.
4. I respect my engagement to my coaches and my team mates.
5. I consider performing at my personal best more important than obtaining a medal or a trophy.
6. I proudly represent my sport.
7. I remain calm and collected even when faced by very emotional situations.
8. I respect the rules and directives of my coach as well as club rules.
9. I pledge to refrain from the sale, consumption, to be in possession or to be under the influence illicit substances (alcohol, drugs, etc…)
10. I uphold the team spirit.
11. I refuse to win by use of cheating and illegal means.
12. I do not exhibit any intimidating behaviors, physical or verbal violence towards anyone.
13. I accept defeat by being satisfied with my own accomplishments and within my own limitations and I also recognize the hard work of others.
14. I know and respect the rules of my CLUB.
15. I take care of our club equipment, of the facility equipment and of the equipment of others.
16. I willingly fully offer my apologies if I have wronged someone.
17. I give my best at each performance/competition in order to achieve the best results.

Participating in gymnastics is the essence of respecting the code of ethics.
1. I understand that children practice sports first and foremost to have fun and not to entertain me.
2. I do not have unrealistic expectations. I understand that the children are not professional athletes and that they will not be judged as professionals.
3. I respect all of the judges decisions, Club decisions, coach decisions and I encourage others to do the same.
4. I do not make fun of a child who has made an error during a competition. Instead I offer positive comments to motivate and encourage a continued effort from the child.
5. I recognize that each child may make errors.
6. I allow the coaches to do their work; it is their responsibility to teach the technical elements of the activity.
7. Violence is not accepted.
8. I am proud of my child and tell her, no matter what the outcome, I remain positive.
9. I understand that a healthy competition environment is also one respected by parents.
10. I pledge to refrain from the sale, consumption, to be in possession or to be under the influence illicit substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.)
11. I recognize my responsibility in having my child respect the code of ethics and that it also applies to all family and friends.
12. I am on time for practice, any shows the club may be organizing and competitive events.
13. Males are not to be permitted in the locker areas and change rooms assigned to athletes.
14. I understand that parents are not allowed in the warm up areas and practice areas.
15. I am committed to actively participate in all mandatory fundraising events and will respect the identified deadlines for handing in the funds.

Participating in gymnastics is the essence of respecting the code of ethics
1. I treat each child with respect and fairness regardless of gender, race, physical potential, economic status and all other conditions.
2. My actions are always grounded in the best interest of the child and of the sport.
3. I consider that the development of the individual is key to the development of the sport.
4. I am familiar and respect all rules written and non-written of the sport.
5. I respect all judging decisions.
6. As we aim to achieve medal standings, I also recognize that they are the result of all the hard work and of the joy of participating in the sport.
7. I recognize that each gymnast has the right to make errors. No one is perfect.
8. I respect all decisions coming from the administration and from the administrative council.
9. I respect all gymnasts, coaches and parents from our club and from other clubs also.
10. I refrain from intimidating behaviors and accept that intimidation is not tolerated.
11. I practice honesty at all times in relation to gymnasts, and the sport.
12. I have a responsibility to ensure that the equipment and the installations are safe and are at the right development level for the athletes and also respect the safety guidelines of the sport.
13. I communicate to the athletes the inherent dangers of consuming alcohol and drugs as it relates to anti-doping regulations of the port. I use a clear and concise language to communicate without use of vulgar expressions and swearing.
14. I respect my power/responsibility as a coach as I strive to protect the physical and mental integrity of the athletes during the sports season.
15. I am proud of my gymnasts and I tell them so. No matter what the situation, I remain positive.
16. I am aware of the continuous pressures weighing on the athletes (from the sport, teammates, school responsibilities, family, etc.)
17. I aim to develop emotional autonomy and stability in each child to guide her to make her own decisions and accept responsibility.
18. I respect all rules coming from the administrative committee of our club.
19. My actions, my demeanor and my apparel choices demonstrate the respect I have for myself and others.
20. I accept responsibility to inform, within reason, all members (gymnasts, parents, assistant coaches, coaches, volunteers) of the existence of the Code of Ethics and of all rules and regulations as it pertains to them.
21. In the event of a conflict situation, I remain calm and ensure the safety of the gymnasts, the coaches, the judges and parents, volunteers. I promise to not sell, consume, be in the possession of or be under the influence of any illicit substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
22. I promise to not discuss/address problems in the presence of individuals to which it does not pertain. My aim is to deflate situations before they escalate further in an attempt to avoid explosive situations.
23. I refuse to win by illegal means and cheating.
24. I avoid and do not allow racist comments, harassment and insults.
25. I do not punish the athletes by making them practice an intense activity, by restricting access to fluids and limiting access to food or through isolation of the athlete.

A Judge :
1. Must be alert at all times and ready to produce a correct note quickly.

2. Must have a basis on which to support its note and be able to explain it rationally and logically.
3. Must not allow external influences affect her judgement to the point where it would limit her ability to render a fair and impartial scoring.
4. Should not criticize or attempt to explain a scoring or a decision of another judge to any of the coaches, athletes or any other party.
5. Must refrain from uttering any derogatory remarks pertaining to a scoring awarded for a performance, be it verbal or non-verbal.
6. Must treat all gymnasts, coaches, other judges, volunteers and spectators with respect and by so doing, exemplifies the respect of herself and of her role as a judge.
7. Must demonstrate collaboration when called upon for a judge meeting.
8. Refrain from all behaviors which could delay a competition or any other event.

9. Must refrain from addressing the media as a representative of the GRNBRG without having explicit consent to do so.
10. Must respect all judging rules as set out by New Brunswick.
11. Must disclose her role as a judge or as a coach for the duration of the competition if she is a judge « coach ».

12. The individual role must be clear from the beginning of the judge meeting at the beginning of the competition and remains as such all day, including breaks. It is only after the final note has been given to the head judge that all judges have been released of their responsibilities that the judges may now engage in conversation with coaches, athletes and other individuals. The role of judge is re-initiated at the following judge meeting for the completion of the competition.
13. Must immediately inform the designated authorities all cases of violence, verbal and/or physical to which she has been a witness, as directed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Sanctions in the event of infraction (If code of conduct is not respected)
Possible sanctions:
1. Verbal warning (this sanction may be applied by a coach, an administrator or a volunteer)
2. Written verbal warning (this sanction is equivalent to the verbal warning but in addition it is documented in the individual’s file).
3. Written warning (this sanction is applied by the president of the club or GRNBRG)
4. Appearance and questioning by appointment with the discipline committee.
5. Final written warning (this sanction is applied by the discipline committee).
6. Expulsion from the gymnastics club (this sanction is applied by the discipline committee).

*It is important to note that each complaint received will be evaluated as a unique event and the final decision shall be based on facts collected during the investigation if required.


Minor Infraction
I recognize that I am a model for the gymnasts.
Parents are not permitted in the gymnasium, workout and practice areas.


 Serious Infraction
I respect all judges decisions.
I do not exhibit any intimidating behaviors, no physical violence and no verbal violence
towards others.


 Superior Infraction
I agree to not sell, consume, be in possession or be under the influence of illicit substances
(alcohol, drugs, etc…).
I refuse to win because of illegal means and cheating.

The application of sanctions may be graded in relation to:
• The gravity of the committed offense
• The frequency of the behaviors
• A verbal warning completed by the club
• a verbal warning accompanied by documentation in the individual’s file
• a written warning delivered by the club
• a final written warning

Transfer of the complaint to the discipline committee:
• written warning
• final written warning
• differed termination or immediate termination
• immediate termination

Grading of Sanctions:
Some infractions are more serious than others even if the same sanctions are used. The sanctions taken are in reference to the relative gravity of the actions and frequency of the re-offense.

Documentation conserved for duration of:

Each individual with a final warning letter in their file will not be admissible to the following season until a review of the case by the discipline committee.

Power to apply sanctions:
All members of the administration committee
All members of the discipline committee

In the event of duplication between the rules of GRNBRG and the Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics will take precedence.

Role of the Discipline Committee:

1. All complaints must be written at the latest 3 days following the incident and must be addressed to the president of GRNBRG
2. Upon receipt of a complaint, it shall be directed to the person designate of the discipline committee assigned to that sector, for evaluation of the severity of the complaint.
3. All complaints will be documented and kept.
4. In the event of a grave infraction, the disciplinary committee delegate and another member of the committee will take the necessary actions as detailed in this document.
5. In all other situations, the discipline committee will be convened to review each complaint and will do so within 3 days following the receipt of the complaint.
6. The discipline committee will render its final decision and will do so without possibility to appeal, will do so by written format to all persons concerned by the complaint with the briefest of delay.
7. If a coach or a director believes that it is critical that a verbal be made more official by having it in a written letter (grave infraction)

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