Rhapsodies Competitive
(9+ years old); Pre-selected (please contact)

Level 3 - 6

  • Interclub

  • Provincial

  • National

At this level,  gymnasts are working to perfect their basic body and apparatus skills and add new and advanced ones. Training is focused on developing a competitive mindset, including nutrition and mental preparation,


Individual and group routines as per provincial rules are being introduced in the program. Classes are structured and follow the Canadian LTAD plan (long-term athlete development). Selected participants may attend Interclub or Provincial competitions.

Regular season: September-June

6+h/week gymnastics + 1.5h/week ballet

+ March break clinics

Fee: $1225

*includes GRNBRG fee and a club shirt.

Summer classes (extra cost):

July clinics (please contact)

August Summer Camps (please contact)

Choreography sessions (please contact)

Class Events and Shows: Halloween/Fun Day, Christmas Show,  Evaluation/Tryouts Day, End of Year Show. Please refer to our Calendar for dates and times.

No classes: Winter Holidays, select Saturdays during the competitive season (please check our Calendar)

Competitions tentative schedule (excludes Precompetitive):

  • Rhapsody Club/Control (for Club, Interclub, Provincial and National Levels) - January

  • Regionals (for Provincial and National Levels) - February

  • Extenso Interclub (for Interclub Level) - February

  • Eastern Qualifiers (for selected Provincial and National Levels) - March

  • Provincials (for Provincial and National Levels) - March

  • Rythmika Interclub (for Interclub Level) - April

  • Atlantics (for Provincial and National Levels) - April

  • Rhapsody Interlcub (for Interclub Level) - May

  • Easterns (for Provincial and National Levels) - May

  • + others

Wondering what the costs are, about time commitment?

Please read our Competitive Parent info package:

Competitive Parent Info