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With our small set of rules your RG class will be more fun, safe, and efficient :

  1. Gymnasts should arrive at the gym 15 minutes prior to class start, to help with set up and get ready. They should be expected to leave the gym 15 minutes after class ends. If you are unable to arrive or leave on time, please discuss with the coaches to make arrangements.
  2. Carpet: Parents and gymnasts are kindly asked to help with rolling out the mat at the beginning of the session and rolling up the mat at the end of the session.
  3. Parents are permitted in class only with the coach's approval. Please contact the coaches to make arrangements.
  4. All gymnasts are required to have and bring with them a "Gymnast Bag" with the following contents:
 5. Dress of gymnasts:
  • Black tank top or tight t-shirt.
  • Black long sleeve shirt. No hoodies, zippers, buttons, or pockets.
  • Black gymnastics leggings or shorts. No footed/dance tights.
  • White cotton socks and/or toe-shoes.
 6. Hair and jewelry:
  • For the safety and comfort of our gymnasts, the hair must be tied in a ponytail or bun at every lesson; Hair Bun Tutorial
  • No jewelry allowed (except small earrings).
 7. Bathroom break: Please ensure that your daughter uses the bathroom before class.
 8. Water break:
  • Please ensure your daughter has a water bottle with her.
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