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Gymnaestrada Recreational (9+ years old); Everyone welcome!

Gymnaestrada is an event in which athletes of various ages and skills perform group routines involving gymnastics, dance and movements for entertainment, in front of an audience.  Gymnaestrada is not a competition but a demonstration of gymnastics skills as part of a team performance.   Entertaining routines of 3-5 minutes or sometimes longer are performed by a group of 10 or more athletes.  Costumes, equipment, props and hand-held apparatus can all be used. The choreography is not limited by any rules and creativity is at the base of each successful presentation.

Rhapsody RG gymnasts have been participating in the Provincial Gymnaestrada every year and they can attest that it is the most fun event to participate in.


Adults and children of every age, and description can showcase


their skills in choreography on various themes. We like to call

ourselves “gymnastics enthusiasts”. The program is designed

both to challenge the participants and to delight audiences.


Everyone 9 years old and up can participate in this program.

No try-out is required.

When: Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm

September - June

Registration year-round

Cost: $825

*includes GRNBRG fee.

Payable in full or in installments.

*No cost if the gymnast is registered

in one of our other programs.


Winter Show:

Location: Home

Date: December 2025

Provincial Gymnaestrada:

Location: NB

Date: Spring 2025

Year-End Show:

Location: Home

Date: June , 2025

Canadian Gymnaestrada:

Location: Canada

Date: Summer 2026

World Gymnaestrada:

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date: July 2027

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