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Hopes Beginner

Level 1 -2 (6+ years old)

At this level,  gymnasts are continuing their practice of basic body and apparatus skills. Training is focused on mastering these techniques. Individual and group routines as per provincial rules are being introduced in the program. Classes are structured and follow the Canadian LTAD plan (long term athlete development). Selected participants may attend Interclub or Provincial competitions.

Year at a glance

  1. ​Regular Season: September - June

  • 1 class(2h)/week

  • + March break clinics

  • ​Fee: $825

  • *includes GRNBRG fee.

We encourage registrations for the full year September-December, however we accept registrations in October, January, February and March as well. Payments are prorated to reflect the starting month.


  2. Summer classes (extra cost)

  • August Summer Camps (please contact)


​Class Events and Shows: Halloween/Fun Day, Christmas Show,  Evaluation/Tryouts Day, End of Year Show. Please refer to our Calendar for dates and times.

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