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Little Gymnast - LG

(4-5 years old)

At this level,  gymnasts are introduced to basic elements of body movements and apparatus handling. Training is focused on developing gymnastics style, musical-motor skills, coordination and flexibility abilities. Classes are structured and follow the LTAD plan (long-term athlete development).

Regular season: September - June

​2 classes(1h)/week

Fee: $825

*includes GRNBRG fee.

We encourage registrations for the full year September-December, however we accept registrations in October, January, February and March as well. Payments are prorated to reflect the starting month.

Summer classes (extra cost):

  • August Summer Camps (please contact)

​​​Class Events and Shows: Halloween/Fun Day, Christmas Show,

Bring a friend Day,  Evaluation day, End of Year Show. Please refer to

our Calendar for dates and times.

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