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Our mission:

FUN -  Girls in Rhythmic gymnastics will experience the joy of dancing, the acrobatics of gymnastics and excitement of hand held apparatus circus like tricks (rope, ball, hoops, ribbons, clubs). All in one! With individual and group routines presentations they are sure to always be socially engaged while making friends and learning each day. Rhythmic Gymnastics is FUN!
HEALTHY - An Olympic sport that incorporates physical, motor and cognitive training; our lessons also incorporate nutrition advice. In Rhythmic gymnastics we focus on developing a strong healthy body within a strong healthy mind!
AFFORDABLE - with the ongoing decrease in children physical activity our goal is to turn this trend around.  To balance our expenses and ensure our growth we introduced smaller fees and gained a higher volume of participants. Special assistance and funding also available. Rhythmic Gymnastics is for every income level!
QUALITY- Our goal is to develop a team of happy healthy gymnasts! Professional experienced coaches are dedicated to creating positive experiences and opportunities that will last a lifetime. We introduced more training hours, we follow a structured training program (Canadian Long Term Athlete Development), we instill work ethics and discipline. We coach with a positive mind set, patience and  care. We build confidence!
Our vision:
Is to develop a professional rhythmic gymnastics team where coaches, gymnasts and their families as well as everyone else involved will bring together their passion, enthusiasm and hard work to showcase the uniqueness of the most beautiful sport in the world!
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