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Little Movers- LM

(2-3 years old)

Child development occurs through movement. Our lessons are balanced in complexity, to include various sports, acrobatics, gymnastics,yoga, stretching, choreography, and other elements, creating a health-improving mix. The lesson is structured to achieve results using age appropriate exercises through fun and exciting games.

After our lessons your child will be able to :

  • Develop body and spatial awareness

  • Develop physical and cognitive skills

    • Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination

  • Improve attention

  • Develop will power

  • Get familiar with the concept of discipline

  • Develop rhythm and musicality

​1 class (30 min)/week; Tuesday or Thursday (your choice)


  • $40/4 weeks (12 classes)

  • $100/12 weeks ( 12 classes)

+$25 annual registration fee (insurance)

​​​Class Events and Shows: TBD

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