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Welcome to Rhapsody RG Rocks!

This is our new blog, where we will keep you up-to-date with everything going on with our club and the world of Rhythmic Gymnastics! Our Rhapsody gymnasts, coaches, board members, volunteers, and parents ALL ROCK! so this is a blog to celebrate us! Rhapsody RG is a wonderful place, where you can learn about and experience the beautiful sport of Gymnastics! The Rhythmic Gymnastics branch, an Olympic sport and our specialty, combines acrobatics and dance elements with hand held apparatus: ball, hoop, clubs, and ribbon, into beautifully choreographed individual or group routines.

As a community club, managed by volunteers, with a desire to contribute to Fredericton's vibrant mission, we've worked hard for over 10 years to develop programs for participants at every level. We've trained volunteers to administer the club, hired coaches, and invested in programs for all ages, genders, and abilities. "At our club, you have a choice to take part in the sport at a recreational level or grow into high level competitive athletes" - says President Katrina Houghton. Among several important operational pillars we are focused on addressing community challenges that hinder participation in sport such as community integration and financial resources. After identifying those who are most likely to experience these challenges, such as families with financial difficulties, immigrants, and minorities, we developed a scholarship program to support registrations through grants and donations, and we implemented a policy to support integration by treating everyone with equal respect and dedication. "We are multicultural and open-minded, with everyone’s best interest at heart!" - Miruna Timotin - Founder and an immigrant herself. Rhapsody RG, is a place where you form solid friendships that last a life time. "We learn together, we train together, perform shows together, and attend competitions together." - Nichola Taylor - gymnast parent, board member and volunteer.

Rhapsody RG's mission is to highlight the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics by sharing our passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful sport! One of the ways we highlight our hard work, talent, and dedication is through our annual shows. Our Year-End-Show is coming up on the 15th of June and we would love to invite you to come along and see just how amazing our gymnasts are. This year's "Gymnastics Fantastics" Show will have you delve into the wonderful, strange world of fantasy!

Join us in person on Saturday 15th June at École des Bâtisseurs Gymnasium in Fredericton, from 1 pm - 2:30 pm Atlantic time or online via our YouTube channel. To view online, please purchase a ticket by clicking on the link below and a link will be forwarded to you prior to the event time:

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