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Class Cancellation Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the class is canceled we will send an email and post on Facebook:

Regular cancellations:

  • Statutory holidays: for all statutory holidays that fall on Mondays, the classes are canceled.

  • Christmas: for recreational, beginner and pre-competitive streams, Christmas vacation starts after our Winter Show (it usually coincides with the school end).

  • March Break: all regular classes are canceled, but we host two, 3 hours sessions, on Tuesday and Saturday, for those that want to attend. No extra cost.

  • Snow days: Our gym is subject to closures due to weather. Please be aware that the Cultural Center does not operate like schools, which means that most often it stays open, in which case our class will also take place unless otherwise announced. It is at everyone's discretion to either attend or not. The coach will not be teaching important skills during days like this. The Saturdays at Ecole de Batisseurs are under the School District policies. If they cancel the class due to weather, we will send an email to inform you.

  • Select Saturdays during the competitive season: if all coaches must attend a competition, we may have to cancel the class for those gymnasts that are not taking part in the event.


In any other cases if a class must be cancelled, an announcement will be sent out by email and posted on our Facebook page up to one hour prior to class. Please make sure that you check your email regularly and follow our page on social media:

All cancellations have been considered and are reflected in the schedules and prices. No refunds, or special rates will be offered.

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